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The left hemisphere refuses the task, which the complexity-loving right hemisphere then picks up, delighting in the three-dimensionality that lights and shadows reveal. 37 The Perception of the Gestalt occurs during and at the close of a drawing. The main effect is a right-hemisphere aha, as though in recognition of the whole that emerges from careful perception and recording of the parts, all in relationship to each other and to the whole. This initial perception of the gestalt occurs largely without verbal input or response from the left hemisphere, but later the left brain may put into words a response that expresses the right brain’s aha.

Drawing, 59 black chalk on laid paper, Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Foundation), The Netherlands 60 CHAPTER 2 FIRST STEPS IN DRAWING 61 Edgar Degas (1834–1917), M. Gouffé, the String Bass Player. Photography: Graham Haber, 2010. The Thaw Collection, The Pierpont Morgan Library, New York. EVT 279/Art Resource, NY. A sketch by Degas for his painting, The Orchestra of the Opera. The artist masterfully used the compositional device of placing the bass player in the extreme foreground of the painting, giving depth to the scene.

I think it is possible that the left hemisphere may worry that 45 if you get “over there” long enough, you may not come back. But this is a needless concern. The right-hemisphere state is extremely fragile, ending the instant the cell phone rings or someone asks you what you are doing or calls you to dinner. Immediately it is over, and you are back to your more usual mental state. Teaching methods that work Over the years, I have been rebuked occasionally by various scientists for overstepping the bounds of my field.

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