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By David Eldridge

В этой книге предлагается краткий обзор главных культурных событий Америки в 30-х годах XX века: в области литературы и театра, музыки и радио, кино и фотографии, живописи и дизайна, а также ведущей роли федерального правительства в развитии искусств. Книга помогает понять культурные импульсы радикализма, национализма и бегство от действительности, характерные для Соединенных Штатов в 1930-е.Образцы сканов:

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Born in 1882, the only child of wealthy landed gentleman, James Roosevelt, and his wife, Sara Delano, Franklin’s upbringing on their country estate at Hyde Park in upstate New York seemed unlikely to produce a ‘man of the people’. 77 Family connections also fueled his enthusiasm for politics, most notably the example of his distant but legendary cousin, Theodore Roosevelt. The name certainly opened doors, with local Democratic Party leaders inviting Franklin to run for the state Senate in 1910.

98 For many this meant finding inspiration for ‘high culture’ from distinctive American materials. Stephen Vincent Benet’s poetry in A Book of Americans (1933) or Aaron Copland’s ballet of Billy the Kid (1938) could be considered in this light. Efforts to ‘separate out’ the American cultural experience from that of Europe also gave rise in academia to a new emphasis on national history and literature, led by scholars such as Miller, Vernon Parrington, Samuel Eliot Morrison and Henry Nash Smith.

40 The Intellectual Context 13 The New Deal Era There were times when the New Deal itself appeared to be as steeped in radical populism as Coughlin or Long ever were. 41 He turned that year’s State of the Union address into a blatant political speech as well, relishing the fact that the forces of ‘entrenched greed’ had become ‘unanimous in their hate for me’. 42 To continue the fight, he then called for taxes as high as 79 per cent on the largest incomes, stiffer inheritance taxes, and taxes on corporate income and profits.

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