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By R. Littlewood

During this vintage textual content the authors research the hyperlinks among racism, mental sick wellbeing and fitness and insufficient therapy of ethnic minorities. via a sequence of case stories they talk about: * the mental legacy of colonialism and slavery * the racist bias in psychiatric and mental idea * diagnostic bias * the function of faith in psychological healthiness or affliction * the worth of anthropological and pschoanalytic insights. The concluding bankruptcy during this variation studies the improvement of 'transcultural psychiatry' and summarises alterations in management of the psychological wellbeing and fitness Act.

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Apart from the obvious political advantages of such a theory for the European, it provided a satisfying answer to any vague promptings of guilt he experienced; he himself was being punished by the mental ill health which inevitably accompanies the discharge of high duties… The idea that the primitive could not become mentally ill evolved into the idea that in some sense he was already ill [407]. The African was simultaneously ‘a child, an idiot and a madman’ [203], Kipling’s ‘half devil—half child’.

Immigrants, like psychiatric patients, were once ritually washed and examined on their arrival [156, 302]. If we cannot clearly perceive the outsiders, we are likely to require complicated technologies for detection. Accusations of witchcraft occur when the relations between people are ambiguous [121, 264]. Racist ideas in America came to full theoretical development only when slavery was ending. German anti-semitism was directed against the hidden outsider who lay concealed within. Official racism in Britain worsened as immigrants have become British rather than consenting to remain migrant labourers.

War between European nations has usually resulted in black-white differences being shelved and ‘our blacks’ being accorded a ALIENS AND ALIENISTS 29 temporary white status [126]. Michel Foucault suggests that in the early medieval period in Western Europe the lepers were the victims of this terror of internal contagion; attention then shifted to those with venereal disease, and later the mentally ill. The leper house became the psychiatric hospital [139]. Because on cold examination the outsider seldom offers a real physical threat to the community, it has been suggested that his major function is to promote individual rather than social adaptation.

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