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By Artemis Alexiadou

This monograph investigates a few relevant concerns within the Syntax of Adverbs with detailed connection with Greek within the gentle of Kayne's (1994) Antisymmetry speculation. It examines the stipulations at the placement of a number of the adverb varieties, their licensing necessities, and their relation to adjectives. the writer advances an research in keeping with which adverbs are approved as Specifiers of sensible projections within the clausal area. As such, they input an identical relation with the suitable positive factors of the respective useful head. Adverbs are both at once merged on the proper sensible projection (for example Aspectual and Speaker orientated adverbs) or on the other hand they're moved to this place from the supplement area of the verb (for example demeanour adverbs). in addition, the amount examines the phenomenon of Adverb Incorporation. it really is proposed that Incorporation is compulsory for these vice president inner Adverbs that are 'structuraly non-complex' in Chomsky's 1995 phrases. eventually, the similarities and transformations among adverbs and adjectives, clausal and nominal constitution are investigated and a couple of asymmetries among the 2 are highlighted.

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There is no directionality parameter (cf. Zwart 1993; but see Haider 1992, 1997, who argues that VO orders are derived from OV ones). Another immediate result of this system is that phrases must be either complements of heads or specifiers of functional projections. 3 Consider the structure in (8): Kayne observes that there is no relation that the order in and can express. The former would be expressed as 'w precedes z', the latter as 'q follows w'. If, given the argumentation above, is spelled out as 'x precedes y' then the structure in (8) is not well formed, because it contains two pairs that are not ordered and .

Thus, deficient elements undergo leftward movement to their licensing position. e. both licensing mechanisms are exlpoited: Spec-Head and Head-Head. This fact explains why there are only three grammatical classes and not two or four: it follows from the fact that there are only two types of chains XP-chains and X o chains. Via this local relation to a head in overt Syntax, the recovery of the missing structure is achieved, thus deriving the distributional asymmetries. Movement to the left is triggered by the need of the deficient element to recover its missing properties.

Chomsky 1995: 336). Chomsky proposes that the LCA cannot order an element that is not there at PF, since the Axiom applies only at that component. Elements that are not overt at PF are for example traces. If the complement is a single terminal XP it must raise overtly. This proposal implies that clitic like elements should move overtly to avoid crashing. 7 Under these assumptions, the LCA can be understood as operat­ ing as a filtering condition at the PF side of the grammar. e. specifiers) precede their targets.

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