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By Renata Dmowska, Barry Saltzman

This sequence offers a venue for longer studies of present advances in geophysics. Written at a degree obtainable to graduate scholars, the articles serve to expand wisdom of assorted fields and should be precious in classes and seminars.

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Which constrains neither the mean nor the slope near the ends of the data. Mann and Park Ž1996. favor a more general data-adaptive means of time-domain signal reconstruction in which the mean-square multivariate misfit with the raw data is minimized over all possible linear combinations of these three constraints. , 1998.. For the evolutive procedure, the temporal reconstructions are performed separately in a sequence of staggered windows or ‘‘moving window’’ of specified width through the entire data series.

Comparing with LFV spectra of the denser grids ŽI᎐IV. allows us to visualize how increasing degrees of freedom in sampling allow for more clearcut signal noise separation, damping out these noise fluctuations. While a precise comparison of the spatial gaps in the synthetic data to those in the observational data is not possible because the relevant spatial scales and densities of sampling are not directly comparable, these results suggest that the samplings available in the instrumental record are probably adequate to analyze signals representative of global or hemispheric OSCILLATORY SPATIOTEMPORAL SIGNAL DETECTION 49 domains.

1995. exploit Markovian structure in the data in a dynamical context distinct from that of the conventional multivariate AR approach. POPs offer a philosophical appeal under certain assumptions for the governing dynamics; they invoke a specific dynamical modelᎏstochastically forced damped linear oscillatory behaviorᎏin multivariate spectral estimation. Furthermore, POPs are readily generalized to incorporate spatially variable phase information Žcomplex POPs or CPOPsᎏsee Bursor Ž1993... As long as the underlying model of stable linear dynamics is appropriate, and the climatic data series to be analyzed are long, POPs or CPOPs provide a useful means of signal detection.

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