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5 3 Fig. 13. Radial profiles of the velocity-concentration correlation for H2 − Air jet with different values of Froude number at several axial locations. νt to the eddy material diffusivity Dt . It is very well known from literature that the spreading rate of material in free jets is greater than that of momentum; thus, the turbulent Schmidt number is less than unity and has a significant effect on the predictions of species spreading rate in jet flows. 3 Fig. 14. Radial profiles of turbulent eddy viscosity and turbulent eddy diffusivity for H2 − Air with Fr = 268 (momentum-dominated) at several axial locations, compared with (El-Amin, 2009).

Tseng, L. K. & Faeth, G. M. (1995). Velocity statistics of round, fully developed, buoyant turbulent plumes, Trans. ASME, J. Heat Transfer 117: 138–145. El-Amin, M. F. (2009). Non-boussinesq turbulent buoyant jet resulting from hydrogen leakage in air, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 34: 7873–7882. El-Amin, M. , Inoue, M. , K. (2008). Boundary layer theory approach to the concentration layer adjacent to a ceiling wall of a hydrogen leakage: far region, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 33: 7642–7647. El-Amin, M.

8. Contours of the mean mole fraction for H2 − Air jet with different values of Froude number, with different values of Froude number. 5 Mean quantities Using the mean centerline quantities obtained above with the Gaussian profiles assumptions of axial velocity, density deficiency and mass fraction, Eqs. (31)- (33), we can create a map of the jet concentration and velocity. 8. Fig. , 2008b) for radial profiles of the mean mass fraction concentration at several axial locations for momentum-dominated (Fr = 268) H2 − Air jet.

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