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DOM Scripting is a crucial procedure for net builders and architects to profit and grasp with a view to upload such dynamic net functions as animations, maps, drag and drop, and extra. This ebook bargains finished assurance of complicated DOM Scripting options and reads like a want checklist of should have dynamic net software gains, together with visible results utilizing JavaScript libraries, Ajax, Mashups utilizing APIs, and lots more and plenty extra. It follows within the footsteps of

Jeremy Keith's acclaimed booklet, DOM Scripting (friends of ED: 1590595335, 2005), aiding you grasp the subsequent point with numerous genuine international tutorials.

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You can avoid a lot of frustration by keeping two simple things in mind: be unique and don’t share. To be unique, you need to pick a name for your space that’s not going to be used elsewhere. The Yahoo Libraries, for example, use YAHOO, whereas Google Maps uses a G prefix for everything. As you’ll see shortly, I’m going to use ADS for Advanced DOM Scripting in all the examples for this book, but feel free to change that to something more unique for you. If you use your own, you can load the book’s source along with your source and run them side-by-side if you like.

We’ll be discussing events in much more detail in Chapter 4, so we’ll leave the discussion of events for now. com. The Lightbox image viewing solution is a perfect example of separation of this behavior and structure. com/projects/ lightbox2 as shown in Figure 1-3. Figure 1-3. 0 in action Lightbox is an unobtrusive script that takes your generic links to image files and creates an interactive slide show directly in the browser. jpg" alt="My Photo"/> 13 CHAPTER 1 That’s it; no inline scripting required.

We’ll look at this more in Chapter 7, where browser product features will begin to conflict and you’ll have to come up with some creative solutions to get around them. Degrade gracefully for guaranteed accessibility The first rule when writing DOM scripts is that you can’t rely on the availability of JavaScript. The second rule when writing JavaScript is that you can’t rely on the availability of JavaScript. Do you know what the third rule is? You guessed it. In the previous two sections, I discussed the best ways to include JavaScript and detect for the appropriate compatibility.

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