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Black Death: AIDS in Africa

To the shock of many, George W. Bush pledged $10 billion to wrestle AIDS in constructing international locations. famous expert Susan Hunter tells the untold tale of AIDS in Africa, domestic to eighty percentage of the forty million humans on this planet at the moment contaminated with HIV. She weaves jointly the historical past of colonialism in Africa, an insider's tackle the reluctance of drug businesses to supply affordable drugs and vaccines in negative international locations, and private anecdotes from the two decades she spent in Africa engaged on the AIDS problem.

Apostles of Modernity: Saint-Simonians and the Civilizing Mission in Algeria

Among 1830 and 1870, French military officials serving within the colonial workplaces of Arab Affairs profoundly altered the process political decision-making in Algeria. Guided via the modernizing ideologies of the Saint-Simonian college of their improvement and implementation of colonial coverage, the officials articulated a brand new doctrine and framework for governing the Muslim and ecu populations of Algeria.

Short History of Modern Angola

This historical past through celebrated Africanist David Birmingham starts off in 1820 with the Portuguese try and create a 3rd, African, empire after the digital lack of Asia and the US. within the 19th century the main worthwhile source extracted from Angola was once agricultural exertions, first as privately owned slaves and later as conscript staff.

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Sometimes single case studies are restricted to a given nation-state, a region within a nationstate or a single town or village, and do not attempt to extent the validity of the research results to other areas. While this approach is able to produce interesting and detailed insights, the lack of comparability makes the single case approach prone to the production of artefacts. Things become even more complicated when we take the whole of Africa as our object of interest. What exactly do we mean when we speak of Africa?

In the postindependence era, African democracy, allegedly based on consensus rather than competition, served as a legitimation of single-party rule. Recent experiments, like the ‘no party-democracy’ under Museveni in Uganda, have revealed authoritarian tendencies. To properly cover both sides of this issue, we should not forget to mention the philosopher Kwesi Wiredu who has tried to present a more sophisticated attempt of conceptualising a consensual democracy as a suitable model for Africa. Unfortunately, his approach is equally problematic.

There are, for example, no reliable figures on party membership or the degree of members’ activities. However, the lack of data is not the only reason to reject an exclusively quantitative study. The interconnectedness of political parties and the society escapes a mere description in figures and percentages. If one is searching for relations and interconnections, it would be inadequate to concentrate on quantitative methods only. The application of a qualitative approach is therefore inevitable.

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