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Their impressive expertise regarding the minutiae of grammar, word usage, and style in no way short-circuits the portions of their brains required for relating to other human beings. Copy editors never, ever remind me of the people whose neighbors will one day say of them things like, “Very quiet. Kept to himself mostly. ” But while copy editors’ language expertise does not detract from their warmth and charm, their wisdom does render this chapter utterly useless to them. You see, there’s nothing in here that copy editors don’t know already.

You can lift it out completely and still maintain the integrity of the sentence’s main point, that Mr. Panda is the subject of a lawsuit. ” It’s a subpoint, if you will. ) Sometimes, however, things that look like a subpoint are in fact crucial to the sentence because they make something in the main part clear. For example: Pandas who visit Niagara frequently drown. The “who visit Niagara” part isn’t extra, you can’t take it out and have the main point remain the same. “Who visit Niagara” is needed to make it clear that we’re talking about a specific group of pandas—the ones who vacation at those fabulous falls.

All you need to know to understand the difference between “to lay” and “to The Sexy Mistake 19 lie” is that the first one is done to something or someone else and the second one you do to yourself. Of course, that’s too easy. So there’s a catch. ” And from there, a whole world of confusion arises. For example, where does “lain” come in? And what or who, exactly, gets laid? Don’t be afraid. The other forms of these two words are also relatively easy. ) “To lie,” then, works as follows. ” None of those acts puts me in any danger of being arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior.

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