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By Günther Ludwig

Written within the culture of G. Ludwig’s groundbreaking works, this publication goals to elucidate and formulate extra exactly the primary principles of actual theories. via introducing a uncomplicated descriptive language of straightforward shape, during which it's attainable to formulate recorded proof, ambiguities of actual theories are shunned up to attainable. during this method the sector of physics that are supposed to be defined through a concept is dependent upon simple suggestions purely, i.e. techniques that may be defined and not using a idea. during this context the authors introduce a brand new notion of idealization and evaluation the method of learning new suggestions. they suspect that, whilst the theories are formulated inside an axiomatic foundation, ideas are available to many tough difficulties equivalent to the translation of actual theories, the kin among theories in addition to the advent of actual ideas. The publication addresses either physicists and philosophers of technological know-how and may inspire the reader to give a contribution to the certainty of the lasting middle of actual wisdom in regards to the genuine buildings of the realm.

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