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By Timothy Richard Parsons

An advent to the quantitative research of seawater, describing intimately organic and chemical thoughts, that are thought of to be among these in most cases utilized by organic oceanographers. The guide offers entire directions for the addition of reagents and calculation of effects with regard fabric for every process in order that the unique texts will be consulted if important. in most cases, the innovations require not less than earlier expert education and strategies wanting very pricey gear were refrained from

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Procedure Carry out the silicon determination in Section F using 25 ml of the standard silicate solution in synthetic seawater. Measure the extinction on a 1-cm cell after 3 hr. Then, 1 p. 0 1 1 0 cm — 1 of the blank. where Es is the extinction of the standard and EB is the extinction The value of F\ cmshould be about 100; F i 0 mcwill be F\ cmx 1 0 " or about 10. Notes (a) The reaction is generally complete in 1 hr except when high silicates are encountered. Solutions should be measured within 6 hr.

15-50 fimole/l (27-9000 \ig\l as hexose) 1. 31/n* 48 Soluble Organic Material /xmole/1 ( o r + 6 6 / ^ /zg/1 as hexose) 2. 3 fimole/l carbohydrate level: The correct value lies in the range, mean of n determinations ± 0 . 1 0 / ^ /xmole/1 (or ± \ %/n> /xg/1 as hexose) B. Outline of the method Monosaccharides dissolved in water samples, such as hexose and pentose, are reduced to alditol with potassium borohydride. The alditol originally existing in the sample remains unchanged. The total alditol is oxidized with periodate to form two moles of formaldehyde/mole of monosaccharide.

F. Experimental procedure 1. Samples should be at room temperature (18-25°C). A d d 10 ml of molybdate solution to a dry 50-ml graduated cylinder fitted with a glass stopper. Pipette 25 ml of the seawater sample into the cylinder, stopper, and mix by inverting; allow to stand for 10 min, but not for more than 30 min. 2. Add the reducing reagent rapidly (it can be dispensed from a wash bottle) to make 50 ml and mix immediately. 3. Allow the solution to stand for 2-3 hr (Note a) to complete the reduction.

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