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By Tasaku Tsunoda

Warrongo is an extinct Australian Aboriginal language that was spoken in northeast Australia. This quantity is essentially according to the wealthy information recorded from the final fluent speaker. It info the phonology, morphology and syntax of the language. specifically, it offers a very scrutinizing description of syntactic ergativity - a phenomenon that's infrequent one of the world's language. It additionally indicates that, not like another Australian languages, Warrongo has noun words which are configurational. total this quantity indicates what should be documented of a language that has just one speaker.

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Similarly, the last ice age ended 10,000 years ago (Flood 1995: 313). In view of the above, these stories may possibly have been handed down for about 10,000 years (Dixon 1989a: 155). 4. Names of groups, individuals, and places Some names have a known etymology, while others do not. Many of the known etymologies have a mythological origin, but others may not. In terms of structure, names can be roughly classified as follows. e. e. suffixation). (b) One noun phrase. (c) One sentence. 1. g. Warrongo, seem to consist of just one root.

There was a big pool, where some children were swimming. The carpet snake swallowed up one of them. ), and then went over to Magnetic Island. When the child's parents carne back from lnmting, they learned what had happened. They walked over to Magnetic Island, found the carpet snake, and cut it open. - TT]. The word for 'carpet snake' is gabul in the languages of the region, including Warrongo. Phonetically it is [gabol] in Reggie Palm Island's pronunciation. (It is [kabol] in Alf Palmer's. ) According to Rachel Cummins (e-mail message of 6 February 2009), the child in question is a young girl.

A third boy was named Bayornbirri, for an eel waves its tail. ) A fourth boy was named Wagaygorro after wagay 'wishbone' of the eel. One girl was named Jilanggo after the fig trees (jilanggo) that were found in the swamp. Another girl was named Jalbino after the water lilies (jalhino) in the swamp. Nettle Creek flows southwards by the township of Innot Hot Springs (the map in Glenville Pike [1976] 1990: 217). No doubt, 'Blunder Swamp' refers to the swamp south of Blunder Park Station (see Map 3).

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