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In the prior few years the transplantation of organs in guy has acquired exposure extraordinary in scientific background. the 1st center grafts have been coated by way of press, radio, and tv on a scal~ equiva­ lent to the scoop of the outbreak of an immense conflict. Unwarranted and lavish optimism has been via sour feedback. This has undermined public self belief within the clinical career and heavily impeded development in an enormous endeavour aimed toward decreasing human pain. This unlucky scenario has arisen from frequent lack of knowledge among the general public and the clinical occupation of the heritage, current achievements, and destiny strength of organ grafting. brief statements through specialists, usually misquoted or reduce brief through tv interviewers, and misinformed derogatory pronouncements by way of prejudiced medically certified males, with out wisdom of the sector, have produced a sorry country of misunderstanding. it's the goal of this publication to try to explain organ transplantation. the foundations of organ transplantation are universal to all organs yet i'll confine many of the dialogue to transplantation of 4 important organs, specifically the kidney, liver, center, and lung. ROY CALNE Cambridge January 1970 CONTENTS Preface IX checklist of Illustrations Xlll Acknowledgements XVll I. the assumption I II. THE surgical procedure 7 III. REJECTION 15 IV. PREVENTION OF REJECTION 23 v. TISSUEMATCHING 39 VI. ORGAN maintenance forty seven VII. compatible DONORS fifty three VIII. ORGAN TRANSPLANTS fifty seven IX. ETHICS AND THE legislations eighty one X.

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The organ is then placed in a sterile plastic bag which is surrounded by an ice and water mixture. This will maintain the liver in a healthy state for about 4 hours, during which time the transplant operation must be completed. 2. 3. To keep a liver more than 4 hours it is necessary to provide it with an artificial circulation by continuous perfusion. The most successful apparatus, so far designed, pumps diluted cold blood through the liver. The perfusate is oxygenated under high pressure. The disadvantages of this type of apparatus have been mentioned, but it can allow 4 hours additional preservation time compared with simple cooling.

The rejection process, more advanced than Fig. 15. The capillary wall has been broken down and the immunoblasts have been liberated into the substance of the kidney. FIG. 16. atrial wall elastic lamina narrowed _~~~'r"r' lumen break in clastic lamina Diagram of the typical signs of rejection in an artery of an organ graft compared with a normal artery (lift). After undergoing rejection (right) there is severe narrowing of the internal lumen which will eventually become completely blocked. The narrowing is probably the result of antibodies damaging the lining of the artery.

To keep a kidney for I2-72 hours a continuous perfusion apparatus is required. The principle here is to provide the organ with an artificial circulation, of cool oxygenated physiological solutions (Fig. 27). This type of organ preservation contains complicated bulky machinery with the disadvantages that there are risks of electrical or mechanical faults developing. There is also a serious hazard that infective bacteria may gain access to the ORGAN PRESERVATION preserved kidney coolin g jacket - -- - oxygenation chamber Diagram of organ preservation by continuous cold perfusion.

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