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"How does it consider to paintings here?"--The value of an organization's weather is critical to its success.

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If one anomalous case of low project success is excluded: ‘This was something which was good on paper but just didn’t work out. 80. 1. The evidence shows a clear linkage between organizational climate and the success, assessed in a variety of different ways, of the work being done. This immediately raises the question of why this should be so; what are the mechanisms at work here, and, if we can answer these questions, how can managers make practical use of this understanding. Williams (1998) raises the question of ‘whether climate perceptions are a consequence rather than a cause of organisational performance’.

The alternative approach is known as qualitative, or sometimes phenomenological, research. This aims to develop ‘understanding (of) a social or human problem’ through a process which is ‘based on building a complex, holistic picture, formed with words, reporting detailed views of informants’ (Creswell, 1994). It’s suggested that this kind of approach is more ‘useful for hearing data and understanding meaning in context’ than positivism which ‘denies the significance of context and standardizes questions and responses, so that there is little room for individual voices’ (Rubin and Rubin, 1995).

Seem to have separated out elements which some earlier writers have combined to form a single dimension. Williams (1998), who conducted research into the relationship between climate and performance, defined six climate variables: ● ● ● ● ● ● Supervisory style; Co-workers; Work motivation (not explicitly mentioned or, I think, implied by any of the others); Employee competence; Decision-making; Performance rewards.

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