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By Jens Herzer

A little-known textual content of Hellenistic Judaism, four Baruch (or Paraleipomena Jeremiou) displays the location in Palestine at the eve of the Bar-Kokhba struggle by way of retelling the tale of the Babylonian captivity of the Jewish humans. ignored for much too lengthy, four Baruch is now made available to students and scholars alike via a serious variation of the Greek textual content, a brand new English translation, and a considerable statement in this early Jewish writing of the start of the second one century C.E. The statement elaborates its ancient and literary environment and offers a theological interpretation of its spiritual rules. at the foundation of his shut and cautious interpreting of the textual content, Jens Herzer argues for the fundamental integrity of four Baruch as a real Jewish paintings that was once preserved after the warfare by way of a Christian crew that still further a Christian finishing.

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N( evxh/lqen( klai,wn kai. le,gwn o[ti( @Lupou,menoj# dia. m( evxh/lqon avpo. sou/) 11 Kai. e;meinen evn mnhmei,w| kaqezo,menoj( tw/n avgge,lwn evrcome,nwn( kai. evkdihgoume,nwn auvtw/| peri. pa,ntwn) V 1 ~O de. VAbime,lec h;negke ta. su/ka tw/| kau,mati( kai. n de,ndron( evka,qisen u`po. n auvtou/ tou/ avnapah/nai ovli,gon( kai. n auvtou/ evpi. n ko,finon tw/n su,kwn u[pnwsen( koimw,menoj e;th e`xhkontae,x\ kai. ouvk evxupni,sqh evk tou/ u[pnou auvtou/) 2 Kai. meta. j avpo. tou/ u[pnou auvtou/( ei=pen o[ti( ~Hde,wj evkoimh,qhn a'n a;llo ovli,gon( kai.

Turdéanu, “Légende du Prophète Jérémie en Roumain,” 307–47, 364–91. See also M. E. Stone, “Some Observations on the Armenian Version of the Paralipomena of Jeremiah,” CBQ 35 (1973): 47–59; Riaud, Paralipomènes du Prophète Jeremie, 5–15; Schaller, “Paralipomena Jeremiou,” 688–92. 106. A new critical text of 4 Baruch will be edited by Bernhard Heininger (Würzburg, Germany); the project is terminated until 2007. theologie. php. 107. Herzer, Paralipomena Jeremiae, 9–20. 108. Ceriani, Paraleipomena Jeremiae Prophetae, which is based on the Milan MS A and from the Menaeum of 1609.

I = Jerusalem Saba Monasteries cod. ], 16th century. J = Jerusalem Saba Monasteries cod. 281, fol 118–125r (old fol nos. 134–141), 13th century. K = Athos Lavra 327 (formerly T 87), fol 159–168r, 13th century. L = Leiden University Library Bibl. Gr 99, fol 119, 14th century (containing 4 Bar. 5:32b–7:36a; some relations to the C and the eth text). 123. Turdéanu, “Légende du Prophète Jérémie en Roumain,” 326–28. 124. The following list is based on the lists provided by Harris, Rest of the Words of Baruch, 26–29, and Kraft and Purintun, Paraleipomena Jeremiou, 3–5.

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