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By R. S. Saunders, R. E. Arvidson, G. D. Badhwar, W. V. Boynton (auth.), Christopher T. Russell (eds.)

Mars, the main liveable of our sister planets, holds a different position in our imaginations and in our house exploration software. totally half NASA's planetary exploration attempt is now dedicated to Mars. Key questions comprise: Has Mars ever harbored existence? Is there existence on Mars now? Will people be capable of continue to exist at the Martian floor? solutions to those questions lie in identifying the current place of water on Mars and its most probably stock long ago, and in identifying the current radiation setting of Mars. The 2001 Mars Odyssey venture contributes drastically those solutions by means of detecting near-surface water via measurements of neutron flux, from the detection of carbonates, and the quantification of its radiation surroundings. This ebook captures the pursuits, the layout of the project and the main points of the tools carried to Mars. it's going to be of curiosity to each scientist drawn to engaging within the on-going exploration of Mars from graduate scholars to senior scientists because it offers the history details necessary to interpret the various intriguing effects now showing from the mission.

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Three retention and release devices are used to lock the antenna down during launch, cruise and aerobraking. Once the science orbit was attained, the antenna was released and MARS ODYSSEY MISSION 29 deployed with a motor-driven hinge. The antenna's position is controlled with a two-axis gimbal assembly. There are also four retention and release devices used for the solar array. The three panels of the array are folded together and locked down for launch. After deployment, the solar array is also controlled using a twoaxis gimbal assembly.

And Elphic, R. : 2002, Comparison of Measured ThermallEpithermal Neutron Flux and Simulation Predictions for the Odyssey Neutron Spectrometer in Orbit About Mars, 33rd Annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, March II-IS, 2002, Houston, Texas, abstract no. 1803. , and Wilson, T. : 2002, Anomalous Cosmic-Ray Candidates in MARIE Measurements, 33rd Annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, March 11-15, 2002, Houston, Texas, abstract no. 1652. THE MARS ODYSSEY GAMMA-RAY SPECTROMETER INSTRUMENT SUITE w.

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